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Academy Alumni:  Shanzeh Mahmood

Posted by Kate Lemon on Nov 17, 2017 4:50:35 PM

In the next in a series of Alumni interviews, we're proud to bring to you Shanzeh Mahmood who now works on public health and nutrition programs for children and adolescents in developing countries, and still dances in her free time!

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When were you a student at Simply Theatre, and which locations?

In the Geneva (Tannay) studio from 2007-2010.      

 What did Simply Theatre mean to you?

It was a community of crazy, outgoing, talented people who could 100% be themselves around one and other, who were open to new ideas and finding creative ways to express themselves. Above all it was really about having fun!      

 How did you benefit from your time at Simply Theatre?

I fell in love with performance and the stage after joining ST. It definitely helped me build confidence, not just in my ability to act and dance and sing, but also in myself as a person. It's also a great place to make really close friends as you end up spending loads of time together.

 What is a particular moment or memory that you will never forget?

Taking part in the FIRST ever ST production of Bugsy Malone back in 2007, it definitely felt like something special had just started and we would be in for a crazy ride as the first set of students. But really it was all the built up excitement of performing the finale pie-throwing scene with actual whipped cream after endlessly rehearsing it in mime!          

 What have you been doing since you left Simply Theatre?

I went on to do my bachelors and masters degree in International Development in the UK, continuing some theatre and performance on the side. I now work on public health and nutrition programs for children and adolescents in developing countries, and still love learning new styles of dance in my free time.  

 What are your future plans?

To travel more!          

 What is one piece of advice that you would give to students of Simply Theatre about their time here?

Learn from those around you - you'll make one and other stronger and better as performers and people!                        

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