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Helping our kids grow from the covid pandemic

With reports of levels of childhood anxiety & mental health worries soaring across Europe, this blog explores how building self-esteem & confidence during childhood is pivotal for happiness in later life and how performing arts can help.

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All children in Switzerland have been affected by the pandemic despite being the least likely group to become unwell from the virus. Disruption to studies, sports and extracurricular activities has brought ongoing uncertainty into their daily lives. Teens have had exams cancelled, whilst those starting school have yet to complete a ‘normal’ school year.

Our kids are now familiar with online learning, isolation periods, masks and social distancing. But despite keeping them safe, restrictions have also limited children’s opportunities for building new friendships and social interaction. Having had our social lives restricted for the majority of two years we all have a lot of catching up to do, both socially and emotionally. Perhaps it is unsurprising then, that a recent Unicef report highlighted soaring levels of childhood anxiety and mental health issues across Europe. 

For parents of anxious children, or teens struggling with confidence, it can be hard to know what lifestyle changes might help, or if and when is the right time to encourage them to try something new. At Simply Theatre our courses aim to boost happiness, confidence and self-worth as well as develop their drama and performing arts skills. Our teachers are skilled at meeting the needs of each child in every group to ensure they reap the benefits of a session. The sense of belonging and connection that our students have with their peers in the studio is enviable and really helps them engage in learning and growing. At the end of classes even during the most challenging times of the pandemic, children were enthused, full of passion and brimming with confidence.

From teamwork and sharing to understanding social cues and making new friends, the benefits of performing arts go far beyond the stage. Building self-esteem and confidence during childhood is pivotal and has a myriad of positive impacts later in life. Confident kids and teens are more resilient and empowered to try again, enthusiastic to meet challenges head-on. Though we all hope that Covid is one challenge soon set to be behind them! 

Despite the (many) curveballs the pandemic has thrown in our way we are proud to have continued to deliver our unrivalled courses at the highest level - all whilst remaining ‘Covid secure’. Alongside the arrival of sanitiser stations, masks and a brief period of online learning, we have also grown our weekly courses and holiday camp schedule and have welcomed many new young performers to the studio. The academy is thriving, but it is our articulate, self-assured, and passionate young performers who continue to truly showcase just how beneficial theatre arts can be.

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