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Academy Alumni:  Shanzeh Mahmood

Posted by Kate Lemon on Nov 17, 2017 4:50:35 PM

In the next in a series of Alumni interviews, we're proud to bring to you Shanzeh Mahmood who now works on public health and nutrition programs for children and adolescents in developing countries, and still dances in her free time!

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Topics: Drama Classes, Acting, Confidence, dancing, performance, Singing

Academy Alumni: Christophe Desorbay

Posted by Kate Lemon on Nov 8, 2017 3:40:39 PM

At Simply Theatre we're really proud of the things that our Alumni have gone on to do - both in the world of the theatre and outside of it. In the first in a series of Alumni interviews, we're really excited to bring to you Christophe Desorbay!

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Topics: Acting, dancing, alumni

Enriching Lives, Brightening Futures

Confidence, Life Skills & Culture

In an increasingly complex, challenging and competitive world, Simply Theatre has supported over 10,000 parents who want their children to have the maximum opportunities, greatest freedoms and happiest possible lives. Specifically the courses and experiences we deliver equip the children we care for with the confidence, life skills and cultural awareness that will help them achive this.

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