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6 Reasons why Simply Theatre's approach to the Performing Arts is different

Simply Theatre Academy’s approach to the Performing Arts is perhaps a little different than other performing arts providers – partly because of the background of our founder, and partly because of our unique situation as a provider of Performing Arts classes to the children of Switzerland in English. Here's 6 reasons why we think we're different to other Performing Arts providers:

 1. We’re rooted in the same beliefs as Montessori

 Simply Theatre was founded in Geneva in 2005 by Jenna Melling, a qualified AMI Montessori teacher, a passionate performer; and lover of the performing arts.

 The Montessori principles of education for life are at the heart of Simply Theatre’s approach and our values and so, we place great importance on the work we do with even the youngest of our students.

 2. We bring a professional approach to our delivery and we provide unparalleled performance opportunities

 We run our rehearsal room run to professional standards, promoting values of equality, safety, respect, listening and co-operation.

Our students have the opportunity to take part in audition-based plays and musicals. By nature, the auditions are tough but we want the quality of the production to be high and for students to aspire to be in a production – and so we ask them to prepare meticulously, to read emails and blogs about preparing for auditions that will come out around the times of auditions.

We bring in well-known, external directors to direct our academy students (we recently had Chris Wheeler, producer at The Curve On Tour, to direct our students in Shrek The Musical which we put on at The Casino Theatre, Geneva).

3. Our curriculum has been developed to meet the specific needs of our students

We have a specially designed rolling curriculum across all age groups and course types. Each year, our choice of material, genre and focus changes, allowing students to spend three terms exploring and developing a specific set of new skills and experiences, and realise them through performance.

 Because we’re catering to English speaking children in Switzerland, we understand that many of our students may not be with us for years - our objective is to offer just as complete and exciting opportunities for those who may be with us for 1-2 years as well as those who may be with us for 10.

4. We play an important role in the community

One of the things we most frequently hear about from our students is the friendships that are nurtured at Simply Theatre. Our students are split across many schools –but one thing that they all experience is the out-of-school friendships they make. The rehearsal room encourages students to cast their inhibitions aside and so, there’s a sense of camaraderie as students learn to put themselves in someone else’s shoes – whether that be in the rehearsal room or on the stage. 

5. We passionately care about the future of our students

At Simply Theatre we’re actively interested in the future of all our students and we encourage every student to talk to us for careers advice – be that about a career in, or outside of the Performing Arts. We get involved in writing references for universities and giving interview coaching – particularly for Oxbridge candidates or other candidates where an interview is an inherent part of the selection process.

If they’re interested in going to drama school then we’ll help our students with that. (2 of our students have recently got into the Tisch School Of The Arts in New York!) Or, if students are interested in work experience or an internship– whether for a short or for longer time, there is no-one we’d rather have than a Simply Theatre trained member of the team!

6. We bring cultural experiences to Switzerland

To further build the sense of community, to make theatre accessible to English speakers who live in Geneva; and to inspire the young we bring a programme of children’s theatre from professional touring companies to families in Switzerland; and a Cabaret programme for the older members of the family!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our approach to the Performing Arts. If you’re based in Geneva, Zurich or Zug and know a child who could benefit from one of our courses take a look at what’s on offer at here - or contact us to discuss your requirements.