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5 ways Performing Arts classes enrich your child.

When people traditionally think about enrolling for a performing arts classes, it has usually been because their child loves either one or all of acting, singing and dancing. Their child loves to perform at home, to family and friends, and a performing arts course is a great outlet to express and develop this passion.

However more and more parents are now enrolling their children on these courses for many other reasons. We thought it would be useful to share the top 5 ways we feel performing arts courses are enriching to children and young adults.

  1. Development of Life Skills

The value and importance of life skills for children has taken more and more prominence in recent years as educationalists struggle with how to best prepare our young for their future world. Theatre classes give children a safe environment in which to practice many life skills over a repeated duration of time: Decision making and Problem solving skills are practiced as we consider how to communicate an emotion, and idea, or a character; Creative and Critical Thinking skills are in use when students have to improvise situations and try and achieve set objectives; Communication and Interpersonal Skills are in constant use as students build their voice and body skills to exude confidence in their craft; Self Awareness & Empathy is an actor’s craft as they task themselves constantly with understanding how a character is feeling and how they might react in given circumstances; Students become very adaptable and dependable as they understand the importance of paying attention, listening, observing and reacting appropriately to all these inputs.

Experiences in Performing Arts Programs give students detailed practice in life skills giving them confidence in their chosen pursuits and goals later in life.

  1. Have broader and better friendships.

Students in performing arts programs have many more friends that are diverse in many areas interests, age, background, school attendance. They also form relationships that are deeper. In the performing environment, students depend on each other in a way no other activity does. The trust, dependability, adaptability of students form very strong bonds that cross many traditional barriers to making friendships that can pop up in traditional school environments.

  1. Performance Opportunities.

Although not for everybody, the opportunity to perform is a splendid one. To be in a professional theatrical environment with a team of people who are working with your talents to help make you excel on stage in not only fantastic fun but it offers amazing surges to confidence levels. Good performing arts programs will always make sure there are plenty of opportunities to perform so that you can practice your skills learned on a regular basis.

  1. Examinations & University Points.

There are now opportunities for students to take examinations in Acting, Musical Theatre, Dance from established institutions that have had their qualifications meet standards to achieve recognition at University Level. At Simply Theatre, we work with LAMDA for acting and musical theatre and the ISTD for our dance exams. Many students routinely take these examinations not only as an opportunity to develop their skill and performance technique but also as it shows university and employers the diverse nature of their CV and capabilities

  1. A pathway to your career.

For those who want a career in the performing arts, significant training and experience in all three areas is an essential pre-requisite. For those whose career interests change as they get older, or whose interests always lie elsewhere, the skills developed on performing arts programs allow students to easily navigate the stressful situations of university or employment interviews. A good performing arts school will always make sure each student is well positioned to take on the challenges in the next stage of their lives and that they will receive the appropraite career guidance.

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