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Weekly Courses

Our weekly courses for students aged 4 to 18 use performing arts (acting, singing, and dancing) techniques taught in leading drama schools to aid children and young adults to develop their confidence and improve their life skills.

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Holiday Courses

Summer at the Academy offers students the great opportunity to work with experienced theatre practitioners from all over the world, specialising in acting, vocal coaching, choreography, and stage combat to name but a few. 

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Positve theatrical experiences when we are young will make us appreciate the arts throughout our life. Simply Theatre aims to ensure all children have regular access to high quality theatre to enrich their cultural awareness and appreciation.

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Our Venues in vaud

Etoy - GEMS School
La Tuilière 18
1163 Etoy
St Legier - Haut Lac International School
Chemin de Pangires 26
1806 St Legier



Course Schedule for 2017-18 Vaud (Etoy & St Legier)

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