LAMDA (London Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts) is one of the UK’s most prestigious drama schools. They offer performance based examinations which have been carefully refined and developed over many years by experts in education, acting and communication.
In addition to being the largest Speech and Drama Board in the United Kingdom, LAMDA Examinations have a reputation for excellence across Europe, the Far East, the Middle East, Africa and the United States.
These exams are recognised educational qualifications and are accredited as an Awarding Body by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) in England, and the corresponding regulatory authorities in Wales (ACCAC) and Northern Ireland (CEA). Some of the higher level examinations award UCAS points (for university entry in the UK).

The examination itself provides candidates with an opportunity to:
·       Measure progress against an internationally applied standard
·       Make contact with expert assessors outside the immediate teaching environment
·       Receive critical appraisal and guidance for future development
·       Build self-confidence and self-esteem
·       Acquire skill certification
·       Receive a record of personal achievement

Simply Theatre Academy students has had a lot of success over the past 10 years with a 100% pass rate, and more than 65% of students getting distinctions. Last year was our best year ever with 70 distinctions and 40 Merits. This year, we will once again be offering students the opportunity to take examinations in ‘Acting’ and ‘Musical Theatre’.

Exams are open to all Academy students aged 7 and above with the approval of their Academy teacher. It is also advised that students have already completed a minimum of one full year at the Academy before applying.
Due to high demand and the desire to ensure each and every student receives the time and support that they require in the preparation process, we have a limit on how many students we shall be accepting for examination this year. We have slightly altered the structure of our programme, following feedback from staff, students and parents, to include more private tuitions as part of the course. However, do please make sure that you are available for all weekend workshops as they are mandatory.

Before signing up, please make sure you read the relevant information packs below and note down all the dates and times where you will be needed. Once you have done this, please select below to sign up.