Our Venues


Simply Theatre Studios,  
Avenue de Choiseul 23A
1290 Versoix    

Chene Bougeries Belvedere

Ecole du Belvedere
Chemin Castan 5
1224 Chene Bougeries

Chene Bougeries (Espace Turquoise)

Espace Turquoise
Rue Peillonnex 26
1225 Chene Bourg
GEMS World Academy Etoy
La Tuiliere 18
1163 Etoy

Geneva Events coming up

1. Versoix and Chene-Bougeries: Full Showcase Schedule, 29 May - 25 June.

2. Etoy: Showcase Schedule for Saturday 17 June 2017

3. TICKETS FOR 2017 Performing Arts Showcases at The Casino Theatre



Monday 10 April-Friday 21 April (inclusive)- Easter Break Geneva

Thursday 25 May to Sunday 28 May- No Classes Ascension Weekend

5 June- Pentecote-  No Classes 

Last Day of Classes Sunday 25 June


Monday 10 April-Friday 21 April (inclusive)- Easter Break Etoy

5 June- Pentecote  No Classes 

Last Day of Classes Wednesday 21 June


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