Our Venues


Simply Theatre Studios,  
Avenue de Choiseul 23A
1290 Versoix    

Chene Bougeries Belvedere

Ecole du Belvedere
Chemin Castan 5
1224 Chene Bougeries

Planpalais (Centre Saint-Boniface)

Centre Saint-Boniface
Avenue du Mail 15
1205 Geneve
GEMS World Academy Etoy
La Tuiliere 18
1163 Etoy

Geneva Events coming up

Courses begin: Monday 11th September

16-17 September: Animal Farm Auditions

18 Septebmer: 13 The Musical Auditions

30 September: LAMDA Deadline, sign up here

23 - 29 October (inclusive)- October Break

11-12 November- Railway Children Auditions

18-19 November- Singing in The Rain Auditions

17 December-5 January (inclusive)- Winter Break


Etoy & St. Legier Dates to remember:

16 - 20 October (inclusive)- October Break in Etoy and St. Legier



Stay tuned for Railway Children Auditions in November



 Click here to sign up for LAMDA