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It is widely acknowledged that performing arts inspire creativity, cooperation and collaboration as children work together, but how do we do this and in reality how does it work? Whether you have a 4-year-old natural extrovert who loves spinning around your living room, or a more cautious pre-teen with scope to build up their confidence the team at Simply Theatre understands every child is different and will ensure your child’s personality is understood and their passions nurtured.

In this article we explore the techniques at the heart of Simply Theatre, sharing how our unique program of drama and performing arts courses are delivered to build life skills, confidence and a love of culture in children from 4 to 18 years old.  

Jenna Melling, Simply Theatre founder explains: “Our year-long courses spend the first term doing what we call ‘building the ensemble’.  Children are introduced to the idea that they are responsible for their role in a larger group that is counting on them to do their part so another can do theirs. There is a focus on building trust, mutual respect and confidence.  

She goes on, “In term two our amazing teachers work on the foundations laid within the group, teaching new skills, and investigating different areas of performance, really challenging and stretching each child.  Term three we then focus on collating the skills, ideas, techniques, understanding and energy created earlier in the year, to culminate into a showcase of the year’s work in front of an audience. “Over time our students become strong and confident team leaders thanks to an increased sense of individuality and self-confidence that they develop through participation and performance.  What they take away from their weekly session leads to better teamwork and communication skills which are essential throughout their education and longer-term into their adult lives in the workplace.”


Every student’s experience at Simply Theatre is different. A child may join ‘Mini Dramas’ at 4 years old and remain with the academy until 18, or they may spend just a week at one of the innovative Summer Schools. But all students leave with boosted confidence, increased resilience and their creativity peaked.  The courses and opportunities are designed specifically to accentuate these life skills. Despite their diversity in personality, nationality, native language and life goals, we find all Simply Theatre students will leave with many of the following attributes:

  • They will be creative;
  • They will be problem solvers;
  • They will be able to focus;
  • They collaborate;
  • They want to receive feedback;
  • They exude confidence;
  • They appreciate and get fulfilment from culture.

The vast majority of our students are not looking for careers in performance. Instead they will pair the life skills, confidence and cultural appreciation they have gained from Simply Theatre with their academic achievements to enable them to step confidently towards their next challenge, be it studies at university or their chosen career path.  


Even if your child hasn’t yet decided if they want to be an astronaut or architect, Simply Theatre will empower them for whatever role they’ll play in life. If you would like to talk to us about how your child could benefit from Simply Theatre click the button below to send us your details and we’ll be in touch.


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