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An Interview with Cora Mcgarry, star of our recent production of Danny The Champion of the World in Geneva

Posted by Kate Lemon on Jul 27, 2017 11:23:12 AM
We sat down with Cora Mcgarry, who recently played the role of Danny in our Geneva production of Danny The Champion Of The World - and talked about playing the role of a boy, auditions - and all the benefits of participating in Performing Arts - improved confidence and new friendships!
Hi Cora, when did you start at Simply Theatre and what courses do you do? 
I started Simply Theatre in September 2016 and I attend Friday PA (Performing Arts).
Was being in Danny The Champion Of The World your first experience of performing on a stage? How did you find it?
I have previously performed in shows with my school and dance recitals when I lived in America, but this was my first performance with Simply Theatre.
What did you think when you were cast as Danny and did you find playing the role of a boy challenging?
When I was cast as Danny I was thrilled, yet very concerned about how I was going to appear and act as a boy. I found playing the role of a boy challenging at first, but as I learned about male body language, muscle memory kicked in and it became more natural.
Was auditioning for Danny The Champion Of The World your first experience of an audition?  How did you find it? 
Danny was my first ever 'real' audition! It really boosted my confidence because I was performing in a room full of other amazing actors.
What was the best thing about being in Danny?
The best thing about being in Danny was the amount of people I got to know and the amount of friends I made.
Have you found what you do at Simply Theatre useful in other areas of your life - like school, for example?
What I do at Simply Theatre has boosted my confidence SO much and made speaking in public so much easier.
What's next for you? Will you be auditioning for a 2017/18 production do you think?
I will definitely be auditioning for everything possible next year. Maybe even PAC! (Simple Theatre's Performing Arts Company)
What are your dreams? What do you want to do when you grow up? 
Throughout my life, my dreams have changed constantly, but since joining Simply Theatre, I have realised that I want to spend the rest of my life doing Performing Arts.
if someone is reading this and hasn't ever thought about doing drama or performing arts in the past, what would you say to them?
When I was told that I would be attending Simply Theatre, I had no clue how fun it would be, and I thought it was something I might quit after a year or 2. I've been proven wrong, as Simply Theatre is such a helpful and fabulous place where you are encouraged to follow your dreams & passions through dance, singing or acting, while boosting your confidence. Simply Theatre isn't just a place to work on a hobby, it's a place where dreams are fulfilled! 

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